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18 W Marine Diesel Engine

Technical information

Single cylinder four stroke diesel engine, water cooled with direct injection system, save manual start with starting handle or electric starter motor, alternator in flywheel house, excess fuel device, automatic decompression, self-venting fuel system, mechanical speed governor, lubricating oil gear pump, oil filter, intake silencer or dry type air cleaner, fuel filter, water cooled exhaust elbow, cooling water pump, cooling water thermostat, crankcase of high tensile light alloy, crankshaft / con rod bearing: plain bearings on all except flywheel end (roller bearing), cast integral engine feet, power take of flywheel end, environmentally friendly by using internal crankcase breathing and valve stem seals.

Standard scope of supply

Intake silencer, fuel lift pump, fuel filter, electric starter motor, alternator, solenoid valve (normally open), deep oil sump (max. inclination 20°), oil pressure switch, cooling water pump, cooling water thermostat, cooling water temperature switch, gearbox ZF 6M, base frame with flexible engine mounts, crank handle (rigid), service kit (for the first service), operator`s manuals for engine and gearbox.


Dry type air cleaner, monitoring panel, oil drain valve, oil sump drain pump.


Blocked power output for intermittent loads.


Derating 1% approx. every 100 m altitude and 2% approx. every 5°C above 20°C. Ratings certified within tolerance of 5% after running-in and operation with muffler and standard air cleaner.


Engine type   18 W
Configuration   vertikal
Number of cylinders   1
Direction of engine rotation   anticlockwise
Cooling   water
Max. output (at 3600 rpm)


kW (HP)

5.2 (7.1)
Max. speed

Max. torque

Nm (min-1)

15.3 (2500)



Displacement cm3 290
Mean piston speed m/s 6.6 / 3600
Compression ratio   20:1
Oil sump capacity l 1.2
Oil consumption g/kWh 1
Dry weight (engine with gearbox) kg 64
Cooling water requirement l/min 7 - 8
Electric starter motor Volt 12
Charging alternator Volt / Watt 12 V / 160 W
Gearbox   ZF 6M
Gear ratio   2.05 : 1
Max. inclination (along) permanent 20°
Max. heel (continuous)   27°




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